Cyprus National Team will move forward with Temour Ketspaia on the bench. ">

Ketspaia assigned as the new coach of Cyprus National Team

Wednesday, 29 June 2022
The Georgian - Cypriot coach Temour Ketspaia has been assigned as the new coach of Cyprus National Team, replacing Nikolaos Kostenoglou. 

Ketspaia signed a contract with Cyprus football association until the end of 2026 World Cup qualifications. 

In the past, Ketspaia worked as a coach at Anorthosis Famagusta, APOEL Nicosia, Olympiakos Piraeus, ΑΕΚ Athens and the Georgian National Team. 

He was the first coach, back at 2008, that led a Cypriot club, Anorthosis Famagusta, at the Champions League group stage. 

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